Tree Lopping

Don’t risk the safety of you or your family by attempting to remove trees from your property. When it comes to tree felling, you need a professional tree lopper to ensure it is completed safely and accurately. At Alice Garden Services, we can remove both large and small trees in their entirety, ensuring no harm to your property or its surrounds. We’ll also ensure that the trees won’t grow back from residual seedlings or roots.
a man looping a tree – Alice Springs in Braitling, NT
Our fully qualified team of arborists can remove problem trees using the latest removal, rigging and climbing techniques for safety and efficiency. For trees that need a little attention, we can prune, shape or even perform a tree transplant for easier management. For unsightly or hazardous tree stumps we offer an affordable and efficient stump grinding service.

Need fuel for the bonfire? Mulch for the garden? We also sell firewood and mulch direct to the public.

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